Thursday, June 25, 2009

Just passing by..

Well, my gf is all well, the problem now is that I'm the one who is not feeling well. I've got cough and it makes my tummy hurt for coughing too much. I have a slight fever but I'm certain that this is not Influanza A(H1N1). haha!

Last Thursday I was scheduled to have my panel interview in Company 1 at 8:30am then another panel interview in Company 2 at 10am the same day. The interesting fact is that the owner of Company 1 is part owner of Company 2. Both companies have decided to hire me but I can only choose one. So, after some time of discussions, I've decided to stay with Company 1 thinking that there is a bigger opportunity for growth there. I informed Company 1 this morning and told Company 2 that I will not be going to their training just a few minutes ago. I had to overlook the fact that company 2 offers me a new car. I gave that up for professional growth since I was told that I will also get my new car in Company 1 after a year.

I will start training for my new job on Monday, the greatest thing is that the company office is just nearby, the not so good news is that my territory might be in Manila but at least I will not be as pressured studying during training and I think I can handle it once I am in the field.

I just hope that I will bet well very soon, it's already Friday afternoon and I only have a couple of days to rest.

I hope everyone is doing well!

Michael Jackson's death

NBC News has confirmed Michael Jackson's death at the age of 50.

Capt. Steve Ruda of the Los Angeles Fire Department said Jackson was not breathing when paramedics arrived.

TMZ reported that the call to 911 came about 12:21 p.m. P.S.T. from Jackson's home in Los Angeles and was taken to the UCLA Medical Center.

Michael Jackson arrived in a deep coma in the hospital and was pronounced dead by the doctors this afternoon according to the LA Times.

Link to NBC
Link to TMZ's article
Link to LA Times' article

Saturday, June 20, 2009

On leave

Hi, everyone.. I'm sorry if I'm not able to post anything for a few days now.. I have to take care of my girlfriend coz she's sick.. But I'll be back as soon as she gets well..

Take care everyone!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Inch by Inch Art Tuesday

So here is my contribution for this tuesday's theme: Travel/Journey

Well, it is 3x3. Just don't click on it because its huge. Like, crazy huge. haha!

Clockwise from upper left: Driving home from Southwoods in Laguna, a photo that I took when I went to SM Mall of Asia in Manila (Right Wing), on my way home in a bus, I fell asleep then a classmate of mine took this photo, beside Manila Bay just outside of SM Mall of Asia.

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Earn Online

I've been wandering through the internet the past few weeks looking for work when I stumbled upon these two ways to earn money online. We all know that two of the most common ways are through blogging and ptc. But its hard to kick start blogging and ptc sites don't really pay as much. So I would like to share these other two.

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2) The second one is called oDesk. Here you will be able to browse through all online jobs that can be done from home. Posting your profile and applying for jobs are free. Fixed and per hour payment are available depending on the offer of the buyer of your service. Jobs ranges from rewriting contents, search engine optimization, accounting, product reviews, web designing, content writing and much more. You can work part time or full time. Regular work from buyers of services can be expected if you are an excellent provider of service. Just click the icon below to sign up.

The On Demand Global Workforce - oDesk

Both pay through PayPal.

So there, I hope that these help. Thanks for reading my blog. =)

Take care everyone!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Araw ng Kalayaan (Independence Day) June 12

Taon-taon nating ipinagdiriwang ang araw ng kalayaan. Ang tanong, malaya nga ba talaga ang sambayanang Pilipno? Wag mong isipin na ako ay mambabatikos ng mga kurap na pulitiko. Matagal na ang mga yan sa larangan ng kurapsyon kadahilanan na din ng mga bulok na sistema. Kaya bago tayo magtuturo, sino ba ang naghalal sa kanila? Tayo. Mismong sambayanan na nahihirapan. Baguhin natin ang ating sarili para mabago ang dapat mabago sa bansa. Sa atin dapat magsimula. 'Wag magpasilaw sa pera sa halalan para iboto mo siya. Pakiusap. Dahil ikaw din ang maghihirap. Hindi naman talaga yoon pagbili ng boto, pagbili yun ng iyong karapatan. Karapatang bumoto at pumili ng iboboto, kasama ang mga karapatan mo bilang mamamayan. Tandaan mo, nasa mga kamay mo ang pipili ng katuwang mo sa pagtatanggol at pagtataguyod sa karapatan mo bilang isang tao at higit sa lahat, bilang isang Pilipino.

Magtulungan tayo para makamtan ang ating mithiin. 'Wag maging bilanggo sa makapansariling pagiisip. May pagasa ang ating bansa.
Mabuhay ang Pinoy! Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

English Translation:
Every year we celebrate the Independence day. But the question is, are the Filipino people really free? Don't think that I am here to criticize the corrupt politicians. They been in the field of corruption for so long because of the rotten systems. So, before we start blaming, who elected them to position? Us. The very people who are suffering. Let us change ourselves to change what needs to be changed in our country. Change should start from us. Don't accept bribes just to vote for someone this coming election. Please. Because you will be the one to suffer. They are not really buying your vote, they are buying your rights. Right to vote and choosing who to vote for, together with it are your rights as a citizen. Remember, the decision of who will be your partner to defend and protect your rights as a person and most of all, as a Filipino, is in your hands.

Let's help each other to reach our aspirations. Don't be a prisoner of a selfish mind. There is hope for our country.
Long live the Filipino! Long live the Philippines!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hair bows for sale!!

Hey guys! My sister is selling these amazing hair bows (very cheap) on her site. You can contact her through there.

To go to her site click hair bows

or through yahoo messenger or e-mail: phileen03[at]yahoo[dot]com

Well, no telephone numbers were provided because she and her husband are deaf and mute. But you can e-mail your orders.

Products are available in the United States only.

Go to her site to see more designs.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Inch by Inch Art Tuesday

This is my contribution to Paris' Inch by Inch Art.
Theme: Changing

The pictures on the left and the one on top were the pictures when they were still puppies. The one on the bottom right was the picture I took when they turned a year old.

They are my dogs. A domestic dog and a basset hound.

Thanks to Paris, another post with a photo.. =)

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Friday, June 5, 2009


I am starting to get stressed looking for a job and trying to make money online. Nothing seems to be working out. I pray that I'll get a stable job very soon. It's been raining all day and it has been raining hard and that does not add to my energy for this day. I don't even have the time to take picture of anything anymore. I'm too engrossed finding a job. tsk.