Saturday, April 18, 2009

Looking beyond what your eyes can see..

This really gave me goosebumps..

I was supposed to take my sponge bath but I found this video and I cant wait to share this with you guys.. I know you will be amazed as well.. just click the link to youtube..

Link to the complete video: (Low quality video)

Link to High Quality Video

take care everyone!

Job hunting on the net

I've been surfing the net for weeks, looking for other jobs other than being
a Sales Representative but to no avail. So I went on to submit my resume to
different companies. Now I sit and wait, hoping for a call soon. The
starting salary is small but they say that whenever you hit your quota, you
get a certain percentage of the deal. It got me wondering if I will be able
to do the job well and if I will be able to reach the quota. That was the
main reason why I hesitated to submit my resume the first time, but since
I'm running out of choice, I had to.

Anyway, its a rainy afternoon here, a little flood on our streets as usual.
Thank God for the rain, it lessened the heat of summer. Yesterday, the
weather was scorching hot! Man! I can't stand the heat outside, I feel like
a melting candle. You can't even hide under the shade because the heat was
radiating on concrete. So I'm enjoying the coolness of today coz tomorrow
might be another grilling day. A bowl of beef noodles made my day. It was
really good. It's one of the new items in the menu in "Klasmeyts'
Karinderya". Yea, I was not able to mention that on my previous posts. In
our neighborhood, "Klasmeyts" now mean two things, the diner and the group
who put it up. I guess people around here likes the food we have there. The
sales is not sky rocketing but it's pretty good for a small eatery. By the
way, the word "Karinderya" is eatery in english, I guess.. haha! Ok, I don't
know the exact translation but it refers to a small place that sells food at
a very cheap price. Is eatery even a word? haha! I don't have a picture of
the place and I'm still thinking about it if I will post a picture of it

Take care guys! Thanks for passing by.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Conquering Mt. Maculot!

2 days ago, I was with my friend’s house, with my g.f. and 3 other friends, in Cuenca, Batangas. It was determined ahead of time that we will be climbing Mt. Maculot. I was told that it will only be halfway the Mountain. I was relieved to know that—I’m familiar with Mt. Maculot because it can be seen from the golf course that I used to play in before—inside San Fernando Airbase. Yes, with all the airplanes and choppers. But when we arrived, I can see our destination was 3/4 of the mountain and it was really high! It may not be the case for some but to me, who has really no experience in climbing, it is.

Collage 1

The trail was not easy but it can be done. There are a lot of mini stores there selling drinks and snacks. So just imagine those people who bring that food everyday along the track. Man, they are incredible, along the way I was overtaken by a guy carrying ‘taho’ in two large tin bins, I think it weighs more than ten kilos each. The man with a small bell on his hand on the left photo is carrying icedrops. On the right is one of the camps of the volunteer rescue team constituted by both Red Cross and the villagers.


Hundreds of people climb this mountain throughout the Holy Week. (Going Up)


(Going Down)

IMG_0789 IMG_0791

View of the Taal Lake from the Grotto (Left). Surely, you’ll get hungry by the time you get to the top, but there are people who sell rice and viand, noodles and soup nearby. How they managed to build those ‘stalls’? I don’t have an idea. =)

IMG_0771 IMG_0781

Other magnificent views from the top.

IMG_0748 IMG_0741

IMG_0725 IMG_0730

The Cross up close. (And me of course.. haha!)


Other photos:

IMG_0795 IMG_0796

 IMG_0792 IMG_0793

This was the bed that I slept on after the climb. It’s called ‘Papag’. I find it very comfortable to sleep on this.

IMG_0811 IMG_0810

IMG_0760 IMG_0806

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Gerry Alanguilan a.k.a. Komikero -- Soon to be in T.V.?

Gerry Alanguilan, known in youtube as 'komikero' and famous for his opening line: "Hello, yoochoob!", is responsible for spreading the Komikero Virus and has got everyone on their butt, laughing.

His channel is one of the few that i visit regularly in youtube and this afternoon I decided to subscribe to his channel and to my surprise he closed his channel because he signed up for a tv show and he said that its part of the contract the he remove all his videos in his channel and all the videos that he will appear in will only be in the tv network's website and the show that he signed up for. I said to myself: "What?! He will become a celebrity just before i subscribe to his channel? He's from San Pablo for pete's sakes.. We belong to the same province and I didn't even get the chance to meet him in person and he's becoming a celebrity?!". With a heavy heart I closed firefox and shut down my computer.

Then this evening I decided to make this post. I went back to his closed page to double check the spelling of his name and to my surprise, his page is up and running again and first I thought it may just be a glitch in youtube's mainframe so i pressed the refresh button and that's when I noticed in a long, rectangular, red box, written in black text: THIS ACCOUNT IS SUSPENDED. NOT. AT LEAST.. NOT YET. I scrolled down, just under his profile picture says: "HELLO! YOOCHOOB! And you thought you could get rid of me so easily." "Wow!! He's still here!" I screamed in my mind. It was then that I realized that that was his April Fool's gag and darn it, he got me! For hours i was thinking about it. I was telling it to everyone I know and they'll be laughing at me when they find out that it's just a gag.

Guys! Visit his page in youtube:

And his website:

To Mr. Komikero, that was a good one! I hope you got my message in youtube and I expect you to pass by my blog! Hahaha! And I hope you don't mind that I used your video on how to cook adobo.

Good day to you and to everyone!