Saturday, April 18, 2009

Job hunting on the net

I've been surfing the net for weeks, looking for other jobs other than being
a Sales Representative but to no avail. So I went on to submit my resume to
different companies. Now I sit and wait, hoping for a call soon. The
starting salary is small but they say that whenever you hit your quota, you
get a certain percentage of the deal. It got me wondering if I will be able
to do the job well and if I will be able to reach the quota. That was the
main reason why I hesitated to submit my resume the first time, but since
I'm running out of choice, I had to.

Anyway, its a rainy afternoon here, a little flood on our streets as usual.
Thank God for the rain, it lessened the heat of summer. Yesterday, the
weather was scorching hot! Man! I can't stand the heat outside, I feel like
a melting candle. You can't even hide under the shade because the heat was
radiating on concrete. So I'm enjoying the coolness of today coz tomorrow
might be another grilling day. A bowl of beef noodles made my day. It was
really good. It's one of the new items in the menu in "Klasmeyts'
Karinderya". Yea, I was not able to mention that on my previous posts. In
our neighborhood, "Klasmeyts" now mean two things, the diner and the group
who put it up. I guess people around here likes the food we have there. The
sales is not sky rocketing but it's pretty good for a small eatery. By the
way, the word "Karinderya" is eatery in english, I guess.. haha! Ok, I don't
know the exact translation but it refers to a small place that sells food at
a very cheap price. Is eatery even a word? haha! I don't have a picture of
the place and I'm still thinking about it if I will post a picture of it

Take care guys! Thanks for passing by.

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