Thursday, June 25, 2009

Just passing by..

Well, my gf is all well, the problem now is that I'm the one who is not feeling well. I've got cough and it makes my tummy hurt for coughing too much. I have a slight fever but I'm certain that this is not Influanza A(H1N1). haha!

Last Thursday I was scheduled to have my panel interview in Company 1 at 8:30am then another panel interview in Company 2 at 10am the same day. The interesting fact is that the owner of Company 1 is part owner of Company 2. Both companies have decided to hire me but I can only choose one. So, after some time of discussions, I've decided to stay with Company 1 thinking that there is a bigger opportunity for growth there. I informed Company 1 this morning and told Company 2 that I will not be going to their training just a few minutes ago. I had to overlook the fact that company 2 offers me a new car. I gave that up for professional growth since I was told that I will also get my new car in Company 1 after a year.

I will start training for my new job on Monday, the greatest thing is that the company office is just nearby, the not so good news is that my territory might be in Manila but at least I will not be as pressured studying during training and I think I can handle it once I am in the field.

I just hope that I will bet well very soon, it's already Friday afternoon and I only have a couple of days to rest.

I hope everyone is doing well!


Liz said...

You've got a BLOG AWARD! It's on my site.

Pa-add din sa blogroll nito. Tas add din kita sa Pinkville. :P

Buti hindi yan H1N1. :P

Paris said...

Congrats on your new job and good luck with your training. Keep us all posted!

It's me Tey! said...

hey toffer congratulations on your new job! goodluck... =)