Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Inch by Inch Art Tuesday

This is my contribution to Paris' Inch by Inch Art.
Theme: Changing

The pictures on the left and the one on top were the pictures when they were still puppies. The one on the bottom right was the picture I took when they turned a year old.

They are my dogs. A domestic dog and a basset hound.

Thanks to Paris, another post with a photo.. =)

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2. Place the "INCH by INCH" button on the sidebar of your blog, linking back to the one on Paris' side bar
3. If your name is not already on the list below, leave her a comment, and she will add you to the list as quickly as she can.

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Paris said...

Awwww...Kris. Love it! So glad you participated!! =)

floreta said...

very cute. i love dogs!!

Susan said...

sweet !!!

Jammmie said...

Sorry, I don't get teh change bit of this--huh? Please explain. Cute dogs though.

Nana said...

You know what I've been noticing, all my favorite bloggers have dogs! It makes me want to get one too (*sigh* I'm such a follower). Love this contribution to the Inch by Inch tuesday! I like it here, I shall be back :-)

Kristy Worden said...

pretty babies - good luck with your job search!

Not The Rockefellers said...

They do change your life, don't they? Cute little fursons

Peace - Rene

lissa said...

never been a dog person but they are adorable, perhaps pics of them as puppies also, would fit the inch by inch theme?

Kris said...

@Paris- thanks! i must admit though, i was not as creative as you guys.. was kind hesitant to make this post, really.. haha!

@floreta- I love 'em too!

@Jammie- Change: From puppies to adult dogs.. I'm sorry if it lacks creativity. =)

@Nana- so, does that make me count as one of your fave bloggers??? *grin* if you decide to get a dog, post a picture of him/her. it's very relaxing to have at least one around.. =)

@Kristy Worden- Thanks Kristy! Do you have dogs too?

Kris said...

@Rene - yes they do. =)

@lissa - sorry for the confusion. I edited my post and explained the photo. I did include photos of them when they were still puppies. I guess it's not obvious because they are small dogs. =)

LazyKing said...

cute dogs! It's cool to use them for this lovely project.
Well done and great idea