Monday, June 15, 2009

Earn Online

I've been wandering through the internet the past few weeks looking for work when I stumbled upon these two ways to earn money online. We all know that two of the most common ways are through blogging and ptc. But its hard to kick start blogging and ptc sites don't really pay as much. So I would like to share these other two.

1) So if you're blogging for some time but want to add more income just by reposting your work, here is a great way. Associated Content PPM for $1.50(PPM stands for Pay Per Thousand Views, M stands for thousand). For a sample of how your work will look like, take a look at mine. Just click the Associated Content blue banner that can be found on the upper left corner of this page. This will bring you to my page where will you see my published work. So far I just have one because I started just recently. All posts are subject for approval to make sure that it is your original content or that you have properly cited your sources. Click the botton below to join.

Join Associated Content

2) The second one is called oDesk. Here you will be able to browse through all online jobs that can be done from home. Posting your profile and applying for jobs are free. Fixed and per hour payment are available depending on the offer of the buyer of your service. Jobs ranges from rewriting contents, search engine optimization, accounting, product reviews, web designing, content writing and much more. You can work part time or full time. Regular work from buyers of services can be expected if you are an excellent provider of service. Just click the icon below to sign up.

The On Demand Global Workforce - oDesk

Both pay through PayPal.

So there, I hope that these help. Thanks for reading my blog. =)

Take care everyone!

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