Saturday, May 23, 2009

Job Hunt, 3

**Sorry for not being able to post for days.**

Total companies I applied for: 19. Three(Let's name them as A, B, and C with respect to the date they called.) of them called for initial interview. After a couple of days, the A and C called again for a final interview and so far company A already called for the start of training in my applied position. It will start on Monday but I'm expecting that company C will call next week also for my training since my interview with them also went well. I was interviewed there by a Malaysian and a Pinoy. The Malaysian was very aggressive in the interview but I was used to talking to people like that so I was able to handle the interview quite well. Maybe that was the reason the girl who was interviewed before me looked surprised and pale. Should they call next week, I might consider their company over company A since company B is a bigger company, I'm still not sure though.

While my interview in company B was disappointing because the interviewer was on a rush because she needs to be in a meeting a few minutes after the interview. I was the third one to be interviewed and the rest were asked to come back after lunch. The interview only lasted for 5 minutes--what the?! That's why I'm planning to write them a letter with regard to it. I think that was very unprofessional. Theys asked me to come in business attire at 9am and she even told me "Don't be late!". So guess what, I waited for almost two hours for a lousy 5 minute interview and without a call after that. Although I was told by a co-applicant, who happens to know someone from company B, that the reason the company was not able to call was everybody went to Baguio for a vacation and will comeback this Sunday.

Anyway, I was not able to take photos when I was in Manila. Sayang! But I promise to take photos when my training starts.

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