Friday, May 29, 2009

First day of training.

So there, I had my first day of training in Company A. It was kinda fun and it was challenging as well. We discussed three of the products and was told that we will be having an exam with regard to the discussion--written and oral. I was ok with that, given the results of my first exam that day, I am sure that I can get through with it. But come Tuesday, I did not show up to them again. Its not about the schedule, not the people but the heavy traffic. You see, on my way to the office it will take me an hour and a half plus another half if its a Monday--that's bearable. What freaked me out was the heavy traffic on my way home. It took me an hour from the office to the nearest bus station and another 2 hours or so from the bus station to our home! Should there only be a moderate flow of vehicles, it would only take me an hour from and to the office but 5 hours of total travel time?! I can manage the 2 hours travel from our house to the office and expect me to perform exceptionally for 8 hours. Then I'm expected to study products when I get home, sure! But after 3 hours of travel, you've got to be kidding me.

Don't get me wrong though, I still tried. I woke up early the following day to study, but I was just too tired. So I got back to sleep again and it was the end of it. Now. Again, I'm back hunting for a job. Tsk! So it was my first and last day of training.

Oh yeah, I just launched my second blog. It is all about cars. Well, it will be mostly cars here in the Philippines but I will try if I can cover others as well. Hope you will give it a visit.

Take care everyone!!

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