Friday, May 1, 2009

My job hunt continues..

For some time now, I have been on the net non-stop looking for openings but only a handful of companies have opening on the job that I am targeting. So far, I have applied in 7 companies but none has called. The competition is tight, on one company there were 753 applicants, 369 on another. The number never goes under a hundred in every company. Today, I went to the job fair in a mall but almost all of the openings are for skilled workers and no job is available for my background.

Someone told me that it would be hard for me to get the job that I want because I have no experience in that field but I am determined to get that job because the pay is good. It will not make me rich but it’s above average and salary depends on the performance plus multinational companies offer a company car. I am thinking of going through smaller companies. They don’t offer a company car, initially, but the pay is almost as good and if you perform well, you get a chance to have a car. Not bad, right? But I am a little uncomfy just thinking that I will be going around my assigned area, walking, riding the bus or jeep from one destination to another. What will happen to me if it rains? If I don’t get soaked in rain; in sweat! While I need to keep myself neat and smelling good because I will be talking and presenting to professionals. Anyway, I will not give up! I can do this! ha!! =)


Paris said...

Hey Kris...hang in there! The right thing will come along at the right time.


Every Photo Tells A Story said...

Hi Kris:

Don't listen to what anyone else says. Just keep trying and you'll get something.

The more resumes you send out and the more interviews you go to will increase your odds. It's good and important that you're staying positive.

Best of luck!


Kris said...

thanks guys! I just sent another resume.. Im really hoping for a call soon.. Im running out of moolah to spend..