Thursday, January 8, 2009

a very non-productive day.

I can't believe that I spent the whole day sleeping. Well, there was some awake time but all I did was watch the TV. I wanted to shoot photos but it was raining hard outside. I can't help but hybernate. haha. I want to go out some place where I can take good photos. Maybe a historical place or where there are a lot of trees or cars but less people. Somewhere I can setup my tripod and shoot endlessly then just pick and edit photos in my computer afterwards. I would like to experiment with the stuff that I can do with my camera and discover its limitations. I want to try out the things that I have learned from the book that I have read but I seem to lack the opportunity to do so. Sometimes it's because I'm to shy to do so with all the people around me. O yea, I also need to fabricate a bag for my tripod.

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