Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Let us see what happens

I passed the local board exam last June 2008 and now I am a registered nurse. What I wanted to become when I was a kid is to be a doctor, a news reporter, or just to be in a office. I have never seen myself as a nurse but it came to be this way and learned to love it. There are just somethings that I didn't like--I don't know exactly what are those but I know what I loved about it. It's when I get to help people and seeing them getting better and the feeling that I get whenever a patient thanks me, it really melts my heart.

I have not started practicing since I passed because there are trainings that I had to undergo like IV therapy, Basic and Advanced Cardiac Life Support and First Aid training. I have already went through the latter two but my certification had already expired so I have to go through it again.

Another reason that holds me back from practicing is that I have to save money for NCLEX for me to be able to practice in the US. Why not work temporarily as a nurse and get experience at the same time? Aside from the expenses of going through the trainings, hospitals here are ask their applicants to pay before they train them for six months without salary and only after the six month period will they choose, among the trainees, who will be employed. Why not work somewhere else? I've tried that, it makes me forget the things that I have learned in nursing so I resigned. I worked with an international bank as a Customer Service Rep/Account Specalist for two months. The terminologies and abbreviations started to confuse me and the kind of work that I was given started to transform me to something else than who I really am.

So im looking forward to pass the NCLEX and work in the US because I'm afraid that working locally as a Nurse will starve my future family since Nurses here are paid $200-$300 only each month. I know that caring for people should not be about money. But let's be realistic, you need money to take care of your family.

I might have the chance to go to the US sometime this year and take my NCLEX there but Im not sure 'til that time comes. Im not planning to stay in the US for good. I just want to save up and go back here when I have saved enough and put up a business and be my own boss (with the permission from the future wife ofcourse! juz kidding.. =P).

So let us see what happens..


Alex said...

Hi Kris...congrats on passing the exam and becoming a nurse. I wish you the best on all of your goals (and DREAMS)! :)

LEon said...

It is good that you are doing what you like. I wish you all the best to you.

Michelle McNerlin Photographic Concepts said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and becoming a follower! Congratulations on passing the Board! That's awesome! Best of luck to you :D

Vivingca said...

What about Dubai? I hear the prospects are good there too! Good luck and all the best to you!

Kris said...

thank you guys.. =)

I'd rather be in the US coz I have relatives there.. we'll see.. =)

Paris said...

Hey Kris...glad to see you are following me on my new means alot to me. "A".

I hope you've had a good week. :)

Paris said...

Hey Kris...hope you have a SUPER week! :)

Paris said...

Hey Kris...hope you're OK! :)