Sunday, December 14, 2008

Basic Digital Photography

hmm.. you must be thinking that im here to bable about the basics of photography.. I am not. I also want to learn the same thing. We all know that to learn taking good and living photos we need to have the tools and the most basic is the camera. How the heck will you practice without it?

I want to learn so bad that I am selling my piano that I treasure so dearly so that I can afford to buy a DSLR but since the piano is still with me, I used my savings to buy a Budget Digital Camera. Yes, a very cheap one. Its a Canon A590 IS, yes, its a Point and Shoot camera. I considered this option in the grounds that: 1) I dont have the budget for the expensive DSLR and Im eyeing on the Canon D450. 2) Im not going pro in taking photos. I just want to have fun taking pictures and seeing that my photos are above average.

So, I went online and found the P&S camera that I was looking for (Canon A590 IS). I was surprised to find a store that sells it for a very low price of $139. Inclusive of shipping and service charge of the bank where I made the payment. I made the purchase last December 12, 2008. The shipping should have just taken 24 hours but until now I dont have the item. Maybe its because its a weekend. Hmmm, i hope to have the camera by monday because Im really excited to practice shooting.

Aside from that, I also bought a book to learn the step-by-step in digital photography, of course, I need a coach. In this case, a book. So i have started reading it and Im hoping to start applying the things that I have learned on monday.

So if you are also in a tight budget like me, I suggest you do the same. Start in a basic digital camera to practice while saving up for the DSLR that you have been dreaming of.

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Vivingca said...

Hi! I wish you all the best in your photography! Yes, best to start with the manual! I keep mine next to the camera all times! Which website did you purchase your cam? isit from a local (philipines) store?